Online Classes

We offer interactive online classes to elementary students in English and Mathematics.

We deliver quality lessons to your children in the comfort of their homes, mornings, afternoons or evenings. 

Flexible Schedule

Mondays to Thursdays:

1hr per class

Mathematics | Mondays & Wednesdays


English | Tuesdays & Thursdays

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Join us in this experience. We promise to make it simple, enjoyable and easily understood.

To teach computatio and communicatio arts to international students at the Elementary level in a manner that is simply, easily understood and enjoyable.

Effective communication requires the mastery in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and spelling. In acquiring such competence, the following skills will be developed: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Maths is an essential building block for daily survival. Within modern societies, it is an important tool for reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, information ordering and active learning.

Formative and summative assessments will be used as tools to document the progress of students as well as to measure and evaluate academic performance. 


To infuse in the minds of international students computational and communicational skills at the elementary level in a manner that is simple, easily understood and spark the interest of learning.


  • To develop an online interactive approach for tutoring toward mastery in English and Mathematics from the comfort of students' homes at convenient times.

  • Using contemporary technologies to enhance mastery and competence.

  • Creating online classrooms consisting of different culture communicating in English.

  • To employ qualified and highly motivated teachers.

“Results happen over time not over night...Work hard, stay consistent and be patient.“  Gymaholic

MiS Learning Centre

MiS is a structured educational program established with the aim of offering quality online classes in English and Mathematics to the global community. This is an enrichment program which was designed for children to achieve a level of competency in the subjects.

MiS has incorporated software to ensure that the program is relevant, easily understood and comprehensive.

Our dedicated and qualified staff is energized and ready to work with our students using a standardized curriculum.

Join our interactive classes each day and help your child improve in English and Mathematics.

Virtual Classroom

Program includes these features:

  • Interactive online classes for both English and Mathematics

  • 4 hours each week

  • Monthly payment

  • Interaction with peers around the world

  •  All learning materials will be available

  • Secure parent portal access

  • Secure student portal access

  • Formative and summative assessment for each topic

  • Each class recorded for future reference

  • Qualified and competent teachers

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MiS Learning Centre teaches English and Mathematics in interactive online classes.


Contact us if you have more questions about our online program.

Contact: 876.362.5598

Kingston, Jamaica

Contact: 617.859.6935

Massachusetts, Boston

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